Shiny hair solutions

A beautiful hair is one that catches your eye with its movements, color and shine. For this it has to be healthy and have a good cut that suits your face and body. But we all know that sometimes it is quite hard to have shiny hair, especially if we tend to straighten it, curl it, use lots of hair products.

Well, luckily it isn’t impossible either. The think that you have to keep in mind is that you’re not necessarily trying to make it look shinier, but rather healthier. They go hand in hand anyway.

You can achieve this through using masks that will nourish your hair and leave it hydrated. Ditch the masks that you can find in drugstores and instead invest in some oils: castor oil, coconut oil and argan oil. These 3 are pretty much the holy grail of healthy hair.

For good and permanent results it would be ideal to use them once every two weeks (or maybe a bit more frequently if you tend to wash your hair every 2 days or so. 2-3 hours before washing your hair take 10 minutes to apply a mixture of oils (I’ll give you the exact recipe at the end of the page) on your hair and cover it with a warm towel. Leave it that way until you go wash your hair, but no less than 1 hour. If you feel your hair is really damaged, you can even leave it over night.

When washing it you’ll have to shampoo twice in order to get rid of the excess oil, but preferably not more than that. Make sure you always start with your roots and work your way down, in order not to put back the oil from the end of your hair back on your head. Don’t apply any conditioner at the end, but, if you can and have time, try to skip the hair dryer.

Now, for the recipes: If your hair tends to fall out, use more castor oil on your roots. Of course, you can’t only use castor oil because it is quite hard to spread therefore:
mix half a cup of castor oil with 1/4 cup of coconut oil. Apply this on the roots and then try to spread what’s left on the rest of the hair. If it isn’t enough, just add some coconut oil, but don’t bother putting any more castor oil.

If you have no problem with fall out, but you have more of a sensitive scalp: 1/4 cup of argan oil with 1/4 cup of coconut oil and spread it all over your hair leaving the roots for the end. Don’t put a lot of oil on them, but rather massage with what’s left.

These treatments should leave you with healthy shiny hair. Keep in mind that the quantities that I recommended are for a medium to long hair. 

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