Oil Pulling leads to End of Mouthwash

Use of oil for pulling is the ancient method of improving oral health and treating the mouth disease that will whiten the teeth and straighten the gums. It also helps in detoxifying the body and cut through plaque relieve pain and even play a role in curing deadly illness also.

Oil pulling is quite simple to do. In this, you have to just put some coconut oil or sunflower oil in your mouth and swish it all around your mouth for some time and see that the entire teeth and gum is coated with the oil.

The main function of the oil kills the bacteria, viruses as well as fungi, besides this it also strengthens the teeth and promotes general immune system balance and the pulling of the oils helps to remove the toxins from the mouth. After throwing the oil rinse the mouth with salt water

Thereafter brush your teeth as normal and move with a healthier and toxin-free tooth. Oil pulling is originated from the ancient Indian Natural Medicine. In which oil gargling was believed to be natural remedy for oral disease.

Oil pulling is not based on the clinical research but its positive effects are only based on anecdote. There are some of the people who say that when you put oil into the mouth it is clear and when it is thrown out it becomes cloudy. The cloudy result is because it gets mixed with the saliva, bacteria and air.

All should know about this oil pulling is not a proven medical treatment, which has no recommendation while only the proved medication with proper dosage, has exact recommendation.

Risks and Side Effects

According to the research oil pulling cannot replace brushing of teeth.

  • Oil used for pulling is not tested for any purity hence chances are there that it may contain some additives which can be harmful
  • According to the reports oil pulling can cause lipoid pneumonia that can be developed because of the oil that can get into the lungs

Finally, cases of diarrhea or stomach upset has also been reported

In conclusion, oil used for pulling is an excellent method leads to end of Mouthwash it is of course an ancient folk remedy.

Oil Pulling leads to End of Mouthwash

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