Makeup mistakes you should stop doing

There are some makeup tips that have passed as advices until now, and it’s absolutely amazing how they still live on. Well, I’ve picked some, tested them and came back with a better version. I say, let’s quit doing these mistakes.

Lining the lips: yep, using a lip-liner is quite important, but if you don’t want it to look absolutely horrible when the lipstick is slowly eaten, quit lining the contour. Instead, use the pencil to fill in your entire lip area. This also helps if you want a long lasting color.

Mascara on the lower lashes: I’m not saying you should quit putting mascara there. I know it can give extra expressiveness. Yet, try to put it mostly on the other edge. This will also elongate your eyes, which is a plus.

Mascara and a lipstick is all you need:¬†Wrong! The one product that makes a huge difference is actually a concealer. This helps cover under eye circles, brown spots, zits etc. If you want something to enhance your lashes, try using an eyeliner near the lash root. You get an “I woke up like this” look.

Using powder all over to get a matte look: This usually makes it look like there’s too much product on your face. Use powder on you T zone and around your moth and you’re set.

Using a full cover foundation for a flawless look: Heavy foundation makes wrinkles more visible. Instead, pick a light foundation that will make your skin texture visible and use a concealer to cover skin problems.

If you’re old, use matte eye-shadows. Matte color alone can be quite aging. Instead of mixing them with shimmers, go for a nice satin finish. Bobbi Brown has some great pick for this.

Use a powder with a color that matches your skin. Rather, pick a translucent powder. This works better on all skin shades and it’s an all year longer. Also, you won’t have such a big problem even if you apply too much.

Pick the same eye shadow color as your iris/glasses frame. If you want your eyes to pop, pick a complementary color. Orange for blue, red for green and so on.

Ok, so these are the tips that come as a rely to the makeup mistakes I’ve read. I hope you enjoyed them!


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