Large pores and how to get rid of them

Large pores are quite common, especially if your skin is more on the oily side. Unfortunately, making them less visible isn’t easy. Of course, you can use products like “the Porefessional” from Benefit or other primes, to give the illusion of smaller pores, but that doesn’t solve the problem.

First, let’s see why they appear larger, and which are the things that definitely don’t help. Well, pores are usually pull with sebum, especially if you tend to have oily skin. The more sebum your skin produces, the larger your pores will appear. Also, some of them will develop blackheads. Keeping blackheads on your face will prevent the pores from shrinking back (do’h, there’s sebum out there that occupies the space). Also, using harsh solutions to get rid of blackheads can do even more damage. If you have this problem, go and read my other article about blackheads here. I promise it will help.

Ok, now back to large pores. If you want them to stop producing that much sebum, you need to treat them from inside out and more. That means using exfoliants – BHA – for controlling the sebum. Also AHA cleans the surface of the pores and gets rid of dead skin. 
For BHA, you can either use masks with salicylic acid twice a week, or you can make yourself a BHA toner. I’d recommend the last one because it takes less time to use and it is a bit more gentle with the skin.

Recipe: Crush 1 aspirin into a very fine powder. Then, mix it with half a liter of mineral water and keep it in the fridge. In the evening, after cleansing your skin apply some of the mixture on a cotton pad and swipe it around your face. Make sure you shake it well before applying.

For AHA, you can either pick a glycolic mask, or you can use a fruit enzyme mask.
Recipe: mash half a banana in a bowl. Add 1 tsb of orange juice and 1 strawberry. If you also have dehydrated skin, you can also put a scoop of avocado. Mix well, until it turns into a paste and apply on your face. Leave for 20 minutes and rinse well.

These 2 combined should do wonders with your large pores. Use the AHA mask 2 times/week (or invest into a mask like the Glycolactic from REN) and the toner 4-5 times/week. Results should be visible in 1-2 days, but you have to keep going in order to maintain them.

Hope it helped!


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