Grow your brows

Bold brows have been in trend for quite a while and they don’t seem to be going anywhere too soon. Plus, they look extremely good and they allow you to shape them in a way that suits your face the best.

But how many of us didn’t use tweezers – maybe a bit too much sometime? So how do we grow them back?

Well, if you don’t want to invest in some special lash and brow serum (they are more on the expensive side I must say) you can always switch to natural oils that have all the antioxidants and proprieties that the roots of your hair need in order to grow. You probably have already head of castor oil – it tends to be the most popular one, but funny enough, this is a bit of misunderstanding. Castor oil is extremely good if you’re dealing with fine brows or with hair loss, but in fact it doesn’t make it any thicker.

What works instead – and I tried it on myself is avocado oil. I usually apply it by itself with a mascara brush every evening. You don’t have to put a lot, but rather to make sure it reaches the skin underneath the brow hair and you can massage it there. If you also want to grow your lashes you can also apply it on your lash line. For this don’t use a mascara brush (this only puts the oil at the end of the lashes) but instead use a liquid liner applicator.

If you have fine hairs or do struggle with hair loss you can make a mixture of avocado oil and castor oil. The recipe: 3/4 parts of avocado oil for 1/4 parts of castor oil. That is because of the consistency of castor oil that might (in high quantities) clog the pores leading to more problems than to a fuller brow.

And another small tip that will help not only with hair grow, but especially with growing an awesome shape: every evening, after cleansing your face, when your brows are still wet, brush them in the direction that you want them to grow. That way, in time you can actually change the direction a bit, making it easier for you to shape them afterwards.

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