Get rid of body acne – two ways

Especially now, when it’s hot outside and we plan to go to the beach, body acne is ruining everything. I know what I’m talking about because I had this problem before, and apparently, last month it decided to come back. Funny enough, it was acne caused by 2 different reasons. This is why, in this article, I will tell you how I got rid of it both times.

Acne caused by oily skin and too much sebum. 

This is what happened the first time, when you back was pretty much full of zits that never seemed to go away. I tried scrubbing, using antibacterial soaps and so on. Of course, none worked the way it should have. That’s when I started hearing about chemical exfoliants. I did my research and I decided to try BHA. Those clean your pores from inside out and deal with sebum excess on the long run. Paula’s choice has some pretty neat alternatives – but you can find lots of them even at the drugstore.

Of course, if you don’t feel like buying this kind of product, you can always try to use a DIY recipe. Since salicylic acid is a kind of BHA, you can use that. Just get some aspirins, crush them into a powder and mix with a bit of water. Apply this on the skin as a mask for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Acne caused by dehydrated skin and friction.

Well, this is what happened the second time. I got body acne that didn’t seem to go away no matter that DIY recipe or exfoliants I used. That’s when I remembered that something similar happened before, on my cheeks. I decided to try to hydrate more, instead of exfoliate or dry my skin. I applied Eucerin body lotion for 3 days in a row (in the evening, after shower) and my acne cleared up a bit.

Of course, at some point I stopped and it came back again.. and again. In the end, I decided that the best thing to do was to gently exfoliate (with a scrub) 2 times/week. Also, apply some good moisturizer without perfume or alcohol every evening. It doesn’t need to be extremely nourishing, so you can go for a light lotion. Results didn’t take long to appear.

So, from now on, when dealing with body acne, make sure you know which kind of acne it is. After than, just go for either BHA or moisturizer.

Let me know how everything worked out for you!


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