Deep pore cleansing masks for different skin types

When we think about deep pore cleansing, we usually have in mind something that will help sucking all the dirt and oil out of the pores. And there’s nothing better for that than clay masks. They’ve been used for hundreds of years in various forms.

Of course, since we’re in 2016, we can now combine clay with other ingredients way better than before and we can make the perfect mask for our skin type.  Because, keep this in mind, not only oily skin needs deep pore cleansing.

Let’s then start with dry skin

When you’re cleansing this type of skin, you have to be careful to also put back on it something that’s calming and also hydrating. First of all, we’re starting on a clean canvas. This means that you have to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and, of course, get rid of all your make-up. Next, it would be awesome if you have a nice hydrating toner around. I use Skin Recovery from Paula’s Choice, but any other that has no alcohol and no fragrance (or other irritants) should do the trick. If you don’t usually use one, make a strong chamomile tea and let it cool down.
Good. Now for the recipe: mix 2 teaspoons of toner/chamomile tea with clay (something simple that you can find in any drugstore/pharmacy), 3 drops of rose hip seed oil  and with 1 tablespoon of honey. 
Put the mixture on your face and leave it for 20 minutes or util it is completely dry (this depends on the thickness of the layer that you put on). Rinse well and finish with a bit of thermal water (especially if you know you have sensitive skin).

Oily skin

Now, you have to focus more on controlling the sebum and not so much on nourishing the skin. Hydrating? Yes, sure, just skip the oils and change the toner. The rule of staying away from alcohol and fragrance still applies though. Now, for the recipe: Mix 2 teaspoons of toner/mineral water with clay. Add half of teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey. Apply the mixture on your face in a thick layer and leave it for 20 minutes (or until completely dry). Rinse well and finish everything with a touch of thermal water.

Your skin should both look and feel very clean after these masks, but without having the sensation that it will crack anytime soon. Deep pore cleansing can be gentle if you pick the right ingredients! Continue with your normal routine and you’re good to go!

mask clay final

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