Common Remedies to Deal with Ingrown Nails

There are different causes of ingrown human nails, it not only happens in the toenails but it also occurs in the fingernails but it is less frequent in the fingers. The medical term to the ingrown nails are termed as onychocryptosis and unguis.

How does ingrown fingernail happen?

Nails and skin are made of protein called as keratin. Nails are formed with these dense layers of keratinized cells. There are skin ridges under the nails, which hold the nail. If the shape of your nail changes the ridges loses their connection and causes the nails to grow inward from the corners of the finger skin. This growth is known as ingrown nails.

There are several factors, which makes ingrown finger nails happen such as

  • Due to nail injury
  • Fungal infection in the nails
  • Either too fast or too slow growth of nails
  • Improper trimming of nails could leave a nail spike on the end
  • Biting of nails

Common remedies to deal with the problem

If the nails are in ingrown condition, you can apply warm compresses or soak the finger in warm soapy water for about 20 minutes twice a day.

  • Apply antifungal or antibiotic cream
  • Cover the infected area with a sterile bandage
  • It is better to show the doctor if it is giving unbearable pain or become septic or abscess

At times, it may develop excess abscess, which need to be drained out so the doctor will give local anesthesia and will remove the excess pus formation and then lift the nail and insert a gauze piece

Surgery for ingrown nails is not very essential but if it is an ingrown toenail then it is needed. This should be done only if the ingrown nail does not resolve on its own.

It is always advisable to go the doctor when the infection is severe. Felon is an infection that spreads deep into fingernails if left untreated for longer time. It may cause infection to the underlying bone also, which requires specific attention.


Common Remedies to Deal with Ingrown Nails

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