Cold Sore: Causes and Remedies

Cold Sores are small and painful round thing that usually appear in the mouth or around the lips or nose. The Cold Sore is blisters in the initial stage and then they burst pouring out the fluid. It takes a while, about two weeks to get them healed completely.

Cold Sore Symptoms:

The first symptom of a Cold Sore is the itching or tingling sensation on the affected area, followed by the appearance of a small tiny blister filled with fluid. They become completely visible in several hours or a few days after you first time feel the tingling. Several blisters can be formed at a time. You must be very careful that the infection does not spread on other areas of the skin. It is recommended to wash your hands and face frequently and keep yourself clean. Besides, a lot of care is required for eyes as the virus causing Cold Sores can cause complications in eyes.

Cold Sore Causes:

Cold Sore is caused because of the herpes simplex virus. There are two kinds of herpes simplex virus, namely HSV-1 and HSV-2. Mostly HSV-1 is responsible for the Cold Sores.  This virus infects about 70-80% of the population. This virus is extremely contagious and hence you should be both careful about becoming a victim as well as passing it on to someone else. One infected with its virus, it inhabits the nerve cells until it is activated again. This is different for different people. However, common Cold Sores symptoms include stress, lack of sleep, cold or flu, exposure to sunlight or menstruation.

Cold Sore treatment:

Cold Sores usually heal on their own within a week or two. But if they do not disappear or cause pain, they can be treated. Treating Cold Sores does not do miracles, but lessens the pain and heals the blisters faster. Generally, skin creams, some prescribed pills or ointments are used to treat them.

Cold Sore medication

It is not possible to completely heal the Cold Sores; however, there are some anti-viral medications available. The medicines containing acyclovir or penciclovir acts like a suppressant to the HSV and must be applied when you first sense the tingle. This medication or cream reduces the virus impact and ceases the Cold Sore outbreak.

Home Remedies for Cold Sores:

  • You can avoid the exposure to intense sunlight to cease the reoccurrence of Cold Sores. Apply sunscreens when you go out, to avoid the UV rays. Avoid taking a lot of stress. Do not avoid sleep. Have a good sleep and rest.
  • Regular consumption of L-Lysine supplements. Double the dose of the supplements on severe itching and tingling sensation.
  • Apply ice on the affected area to prevent the outbreak.
  • Cover the sore with petroleum products like Vaseline. This will prevent secondary bacterial infection and also not spread the herpes virus to any other part of your body.
  • Avoid consuming salt and acidic food as are uncomfortable for the sore and make you feel irritated.

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