Anti aging tips and tricks that work

Aging is a process that we cannot stop, no matter how much we try. Yet, we can do quite a lot to slow it down, or even reverse some effects. Now, when it comes to aging, there are many aspects that you have to keep your eyes on. What makes you look not so young anymore are not only wrinkles, but also pigmentation and dullness.

Now, the basic and most important thing when it comes to anti-aging is to prevent damage as much as you can. And the most damaging skin factor is, of course, sun. That is why, it’s very important that you keep a SPF cream in your bag at all times. Use it daily, summer or winter, before you go outside (during daytime) and you’ve already done half of the deed.

Now, of course, if you already have some sun damage, there are ways to make your skin better. One of them is to use exfoliants in order to keep your skin constantly fresh and free of dead skin.

Dull Skin and pigmentation

For this part, you mainly need surface exfoliants – AHA. Those “eat” the dead skin, leaving behind luminous fresh skin. I usually go for REN or Paula’s Choice, but there are lots of options on the market. You can also chose fruit enzyme mask (this is more gentle) or, the all mighty, vitamin C. Vitamin C is amazing for getting rid of stains on your skin. You can either use a professional treatment or make yourself one twice/week. Recipe:

  • 7 vitamin C drops (local Pharmacy)
  • 3 drops jojoba oil
  • 5 drops hyaluronic acid (local Pharmacy)

Mix those well and apply on clean, dampened skin.

Wrinkles and fine lines

This part is a bit harder to reverse, but there’s still hope if you use the right ingredients. First, I must mention that the vitamin C treatment recipe from above, also improves wrinkles appearance. Second, you must keep in mind 2 ingredients: hyaluronic acid and retinol.

The first one plumps the skin, making it retain more water in all the skin layers. This means more hydration and, of course, less visible lines. It also helps the ingredients that are applied afterwards to penetrate the skin better.
The second one – retinol – is amazing for wrinkles. It is basically vitamin A in a stabilized form. How does it work? Well, it “talks” to the damaged cells, making them act like healthy cells and making the future cells healthier. Also, it helps with acne, so that’s always a plus.

It has amazing results (depending on its concentration) visible in a few days and that improve more and more over time.
You can use finished products that contain these ingredients, or you can get ampules from the local pharmacy and use the liquid inside as a booster. (mix it with your normal cream/serum).

Hope this info helps you


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