Monthly Archives: May 2016

Expert Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

It’s every girl’s desire to have a peachy dewy skin, flawless makeup and gorgeous hair. However, with detrimental environmental hazards, inadequate sleep and stressful lifestyle, having perfect lifestyle seems a bit farfetched. Following are a few beauty tips every girl should know: 

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Seven Easy Ways to Soothe Heel Pain

Heel is the largest bone of your foot and problems with heel can be really uncomfortable. Many people experience heel pain because of strains, sprains, bursitis, arthritis and tendonitis. Some of the people also go through plantar fasciitis where the thick band tissue bloats and causes unbearable heel pain.

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Common Remedies to Deal with Ingrown Nails

There are different causes of ingrown human nails, it not only happens in the toenails but it also occurs in the fingernails but it is less frequent in the fingers. The medical term to the ingrown nails are termed as onychocryptosis and unguis.  

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