Monthly Archives: April 2016

Oil Pulling leads to End of Mouthwash

Use of oil for pulling is the ancient method of improving oral health and treating the mouth disease that will whiten the teeth and straighten the gums. It also helps in detoxifying the body and cut through plaque relieve pain and even play a role in curing deadly illness also. ...

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Tips to Go for Whitening of Teeth

  There are many individuals try a lot to achieve Whitening of Teeth. Sometimes, when a person looks into the mirror and sees that his or her teeth are with yellow shades or not proper white, the person gets the worst feeling in life. It may be occurring because of ...

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6 Quick Fixes for Puffy Eyes – Home Remedies & Tips

How frustrating is it to wake up with puffy eyes every morning when you have to go ahead with the day. The swelling around the eyes is caused because of excessive fluid accumulation around the skin tissues. Some of the factors leading to eye puffy eyes dehydrating, ageing, stress, lack ...

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