The trick to wild nights on heels without pain

Heeled shoes are charming, seductive, but they give us, well, most of us a lot of hassle. And we do not cease to ask whether there are any shoes in the world that are both stylish, high heeled and comfortable. All women want such accesories but must prepare for the suffering that come with the beauty of such shoes. The answer is no, they’re not yet invented and while waiting for them to be, we came up with a solution.

There is a very handy trick that helps not only avoid the pain that comes with wearing fantastic stillettos, but also with balance so you can walk, dance or pretty much do whatever you want without any discomfort because let’s face it, we were not born on high heels.

Here is the life saver trick!!

You only need to stick togheter with band-aid your second and third fingers of both your feet and put your most stylish shoes on. 

You’ll notice these become instantly more comfortable and also you won’t get the feeling of losing balance. The explanation is simple, almost every time the second and third fingers are the longest and tend to get in the way of standing for long periods of time. Sticking them togheter makes your posture more stable and protects the fingers while wearing the shoes.

So go ahead and give this trick a try on your next wild night out because thanks to this solution, women now can conquer anything in any pair of heels they desire!


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